Introducing the BCERI

IR 2002-03
INVERHURON, Ontario – February 8, 2002
Who Are We?
Introducing the Bruce Centre for Energy Research and Information

Three releases in three days is too much! We agree. We just wanted to get your attention in the context of energy issues.

The Bruce Centre for Energy Research and Information is a not-for-profit corporation located in Inverhuron, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. The Centre conducts research into energy production and shares information with other groups, the press, the public and public officials.

The Bruce Centre for Energy Research and Information also shares the hamlet of Inverhuron with the world’s largest nuclear power generation and waste management complex. Inverhuron is otherwise a tiny farm and recreation community on the Lake Huron shoreline. Living next to a nuclear facility tends to focus a person’s attention on energy! Our President, Eugene Bourgeois, has been researching energy issues for 20 years. Our Board has been involved for a while too.

The Bruce Centre for Energy Research and Information is not anti-nuclear. We are aware that nuclear waste remains radioactive for thousands of years. We’d like to make sure the complex is safe for our children and families, workers and neighbours, now and in the future. Billions of dollars have gone into the complex, and thousands of people work there. But there has never been an independent environmental assessment at the waste site. A thorough assessment is required if a new park or residential housing development is to be built. Why not for the world’s largest nuclear complex on the edge of the Great Lakes Basin? There is also the matter of security, post 9-11. And responsibility; who is responsible for the site? Cost, accountability and safety. Those are three issues.

The Bruce Centre for Energy Research and Information is also looking into other ways of producing electricity, including wind, solar, hydrogen and co-generation. Up and down the Huron coast, private companies are leasing farmland for wind generation fields. The Ontario energy marketplace is being “opened up” by the government. Energy issues are all around us.

We believe that the independent research we do and the information we share will of benefit to everyone who lives and works around the Bruce facility, Lake Huron coast and Great Lakes Basin. The Bruce Centre is not connected with any other agency or group, although we do share information with other individuals and organizations. We generate our own funding from donations and grants.

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