The Story of Inverhuron

The hamlet of Inverhuron, Ontario, Canada, nestled into the eastern shore of the lower part of Lake Huron, consists primarily of farmland, cottages, beaches and a provincial park.

Map showing where Inverhuron is located.

The permanent and seasonal residents of Inverhuron have a complex relationship with their immediate beachfront neighbour: the world’s largest combined nuclear power plant, radioactive waste incinerator and waste storage facility.

Many Inverhuron residents want an independent environmental assessment of what they call the Bruce Nuclear Site, a publicly owned, partly privately operated facility consisting of 9 nuclear power reactors (4 operating, 2 more coming back on line and 3 shut down) and waste storage and incineration facilities (including in-ground and above-ground storage of low, medium and high level nuclear waste).

Here is a chronology of the nuclear site’s development.

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