Other Concerned Citizens and Organizations

Since the approval process for the DGR has included a period for public input, the views of many Canadians and Canadian organizations are now part of the public record. Many of them, like us, are concerned about the DGR.

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump, Inc.

Official page
“We are deeply concerned about Ontario Power Generation’s proposal to build a Deep Geological Repository to bury radioactive nuclear waste on the shores of the Great Lakes. We believe that radioactive nuclear waste should not be buried underground anywhere in the Great Lakes Basin. We believe that the protection of our Great Lakes from buried radioactive nuclear waste is responsible stewardship, and is of national and international importance.”

Greenpeace Canada

“A number of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste disposal sites have operated over the last 50 years. However, many of these supposedly final disposal sites have already caused unexpected environmental contamination, highlighting how difficult it is to predict what will happen to buried wastes, even over short timescales. Examples are the Dounreay nuclear waste shaft in Scotland, which exploded in 1977, the Centre de Stockage de la Manche storage site in France, where water supplies in the aquifer have become contaminated, and the Asse II salt mine in Germany.”
Full report (PDF)

Saugeen Ojibway Nation

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“Our communities will not believe that these projects are safe for our territory and future generations unless that is the conclusion reached by credible, independent and thorough investigations that address all the issues about the various risks posed by the two proposals, and consider whether those can be effectively mitigated.”
Reminder of the Joint Review Panel’s obligations under treaties (PDF)
Review of the DGR proposal (PDFs): Part 1, Part 2

The Inverhuron Committee

Official page
“We believe the proposal to build a long-term nuclear waste storage site some 1.2 km from the shore of Lake Huron unnecessarily poses unacceptable long-term environmental, health and safety risks for more that 40 million North Americans who rely on the Great Lakes for drinking water, for food, for their jobs, for recreation and many other essential uses. We oppose permanent storage of radioactive waste anywhere near the largest body of fresh water in the world.”


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“Northwatch has as its priority issues that are of a regional nature: sound energy planning, healthy forests, responsible mining, waste reduction, and conservation of our natural resources and environmental assets. Northwatch has worked with residents over the past two decades to prevent northeastern Ontario from becoming the receiving ground for foreign wastes, whether it’s Toronto’s garbage, Ontario’s biomedical waste, Canada’s nuclear reactor fuel waste, or PCB’s from around the world.”

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