Great Lakes Nuclear Waste DGR

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has proposed building a Deep Geological Repository (DGR) for storing nuclear waste as part of the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station. If this goes through, it would be North America’s first permanent nuclear waste storage facility – some 775 metres (840 yards) from the shore of Lake Huron.

Bruce A reactor as seen from Lake Huron.

Part of the Bruce complex – note its proximity to the lake!

Anyone proposing the¬†permanent storage of radioactive waste near the world’s largest reservoir of fresh water is subject to considerable public accountability.¬†At the very least, they are tasked with demonstrating rigorous evidence that this can be done safely and taking public concerns into consideration. But as the articles in this section demonstrate, there is a lack of such evidence – and while OPG has solicited public input through hearings, many of OPG’s actions call into question whether it can be trusted to fulfill its responsibilities to the public.

Thus we oppose this proposal, believing it poses unacceptable long-term environmental, health and safety risks.

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