The Story of Inverhuron


The Bruce Centre for Energy Research and Information (BCERI) was founded by some Inverhuron residents who decided to take their concerns and questions about the safety of the nuclear facility to the public forum, and wanted to develop more research on both nuclear generated energy and greener, cost-effective alternate sources (co-generation, solar, wind, hydrogen, etc).

The BCERI was incorporated as a not-for-profit company in October of 2001. A founding principle is that any research or information that encourages safety at the nuclear site is good for the hamlet of Inverhuron, communities in the Grey and Bruce County region and beyond, and especially the management and workers at the site, and their families.

The BCERI would also encourage an ongoing, independent environmental assessment and risk analysis of the site and the immediate area, as well as publicly controlled monitoring of toxins and radioactive levels in the plants and animals (and humans), soil, air and water within a 50 km radius of the nuclear facility. The Centre also proposes that the costs of the independent environmental assessment and the on-going monitoring be assumed as part of the “costs of operation” of the nuclear facility. This would serve to validate the assertions of regulatory agencies and the operators that it is perfectly safe.

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